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The Lake Lounge on Okanagan

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Updated: January 28th, 2024 | Kelowna | Wedding Banquet Halls |

If you have always wanted to have your wedding on the water, then this venue is perfect for you. The Lake Lounge on Okanagan is a unique venue that will leave your guests in awe, as you take them on a magical journey to witness you say your vows, before celebrating afterwards. The experienced staff will work with you to plan every last detail of your day.
Service: Catering / bar, clean up, event rentals, liability insurance

Address: 230 Queensway Ave Kelowna, Kelowna, BC V1Y9T1

Phone: 250-763-4500

Website: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/ylwrp-the-royal-private-residence-club/?scid=45f93f1b-bd77-45c9-8dab-83b6a417f6fe

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