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Updated: October 7th, 2021 | Edmonton | Wedding Makeup |

Sen Studios is a collection of freelance makeup artists and stylists who are also passionate, knowledgeable instructors on the art of cosmetics. They are committed to working with clients to give them a look that caters to their needs and desires. Whether you would like a wedding makeover for yourself and your bridesmaids, you’re interested in professional makeup application for graduation, photo shoots, or other events, or you’re simply looking to increase your makeup IQ, Sen Studios is eager to make you feel incredible and enable you to own whatever look you have chosen. Sen Studios artists are inspired by the creative tastes of their clientele.
Service: Consultations, hair, makeup

Address: 310-5348 Lakeshore Rd, Edmonton, AB L7L 4Z2

Phone: 289-400-4041

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