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Updated: June 13th, 2024 | Newmarket | Wedding Photography |

Paul Maitland Photography is a premier wedding photography service located in the picturesque town of Newmarket, Ontario. Specializing in capturing all the unforgettable moments of your special day, photographer Paul is dedicated to providing you with stunning, elegant, and timeless photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Known for his unique photojournalistic style, Paul has a keen eye for detail and a talent for capturing the raw emotions and candid moments that make your wedding day truly special. Whether it’s the loving exchange of vows, the joyful tears of family and friends, or the laughter and celebration that fills the air, Paul’s photographs beautifully document the essence of your wedding day.

When you choose Paul Maitland Photography, you can expect nothing but the highest quality service. From high-resolution images that capture every detail to liability insurance for your peace of mind, Paul goes above and beyond to ensure that your photography experience is stress-free and enjoyable. Additionally, Paul offers a personalized slideshow of your images, allowing you to relive the magic of your wedding day over and over again.

Booking Paul Maitland Photography for your wedding day is a decision you won’t regret. With his passion for photography and dedication to his craft, Paul is committed to providing you with exceptional service and breathtaking photographs that you will cherish for years to come. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Paul Maitland Photography for your wedding day and let him capture the magic of your love story.

In conclusion, Paul Maitland Photography is the perfect choice for couples looking for a talented and experienced wedding photographer in Newmarket, Ontario. With his unique photojournalistic style, attention to detail, and commitment to providing exceptional service, Paul is dedicated to capturing all the special moments of your wedding day in a way that is both stylish and timeless. Contact Paul today to book your wedding photography package and start creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Address: 91 Clearmeadow Blvd, Newmarket, ON l3x2m5

Phone: 416-986-9342

Website: https://www.facebook.com/paulmaitlandphotography

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