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Updated: June 13th, 2023 | Burnaby | Wedding Videography |

Map and Snap Visions is a Wedding Photography and Videography company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.They’ve been in the photo and video indusrty for well over 3 years, honing their craft in capturing some of the most beautiful weddings in the area. With thier ability to capture organic emotions and attention to details throughout the entire day, theres no doubt that the final outcome of your product speaks your true story. With unparallel vision and professionalism, it is their strongest skill to provide their clients a forever lasting love story. Offering competitive pricing and flexible hours, it is very easy to communicate and book services with ease.
Service: Additional hours, high-def video, highlight video, multiple cameras, multiple locations

Address: 4203 Dundas Street, Burnaby, BC V5C1B2

Phone: 604-421-8299

Website: https://www.cloverdalepaint.com/store-locations/cloverdale-bc-locations/location-detail/17/burnaby-winston

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