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Lyndon Labayan Films

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Updated: December 10th, 2023 | Winnipeg | Wedding Videography |

Operating out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Lyndon Labayan Films is a videography company specialising in the creation of cinematic wedding videos. Owner and sole creative, Lyndon is an enthusiastic professional with a big heart for people and celebrating their milestones. This expert makes it his mission to accurately reflect the unique love stories of his clients. He possesses an innate talent for visual storytelling and documentary-style films.
Service: Additional hours, full feature video, high-def video, highlight video, multiple cameras, multiple…View more locations, raw footage, save the date

Address: 850 Keewatin St, Winnipeg, MB, Winnipeg, MB R2R0Z5

Phone: 204-586-7824

Website: https://www.facebook.com/CommunistPartyOfCanada

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