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Kelley Potter Celebrant/Officiant

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Updated: June 7th, 2024 | Bolton | Wedding Officiants |

Kelley Potter is a celebrant and officiant for life’s important and significant milestones that is based out of Bolton, Ontario. She understands how wedding celebrations can become overwhelming and take on a life of their own. She is there to ensure that future newlyweds receive the exact services they want. She plays the role of a storyteller and integrates aspects of the culture(s) that the prospective newlyweds would like included. She can leave out or include religious elements, the makeup of your special occasion is completely up to you.
Service: Licensed, allow couple’ own vows

Address: 475 Queen St E, Bolton, ON L7E1B3

Phone: 416-955-0060

Website: http://kellyporterhetu.com/

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