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Del Vinyl Entertainment

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Updated: May 27th, 2023 | Whitby | Wedding DJ |

Situated in Whitby, Ontario, Del Vinyl Entertainment is a boutique-style company dedicated to providing authentic Dj performances for people of all age groups. Del Vinyl specializes in weddings & clients choose them because they love the passion, talent, distinct approach, and how they are represented. They chose because they want a Dj style and look that is more exciting/authentic than the norm. They chose because they didn’t want a big wedding factory Dj company that does not allow them to meet their Dj until the day of.
Service: In addition to the wide range of talent and music genres provided, there are several other services provided by Del Vinyl Entertainment. These include the following:
Party lighting
Flat screen
Sound/PA system

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Address: , Whitby, ON L3R2M5

Phone: 647-892-2837

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