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What should a bridesmaid wear in a wedding?

What should a bridesmaid wear in a wedding?

A Canadian wedding would be incomplete without a coordinated bridal party. After you’ve decided which of your best friends will make excellent bridesmaids, you’ll need to consider the outfits and accessories they’ll wear. The following trends have recently emerged and may provide you with some good tips and techniques for dressing your bridesmaids in truly stunning outfits.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Shorter, more casual bridesmaid dresses are becoming popular in the Canadian wedding fashion industry. The days of the elegant prom look are long gone, and dresses are becoming more fluid and summery. A-line, tea-length dresses are currently popular because they fit a variety of body shapes while also showing a little leg. They not only look great on your bridesmaids, but they can also be worn to multiple occasions afterward, making them a more worthwhile purchase than the traditional one-use bridesmaids’ dresses that were previously used.

Allow your bridesmaids to express themselves – comfort equals beauty!

One helpful technique that is becoming more popular is allowing bridesmaids to choose their own dresses. This not only allows them to find a style and cut that they are completely satisfied with, but it also gives the brides more free time to focus on other aspects such as wedding party gifts and the like. Once you’ve decided on a color scheme for your wedding, you can let your bridal party go out and choose an outfit that they’ll feel comfortable wearing on the big day.

Accessorize Your Bridesmaids!

Bouquets are quickly becoming a popular wedding accessory given to bridesmaids across Canada because they serve two purposes. For starters, the right blooms will complement each member of the bridal party’s outfits and will coordinate with the wedding’s color theme. Second, they will make the entire procession much more romantic by infusing the surroundings with a soft, fragrant aroma. Give your bridal party a few floral bouquets to enhance their appearance and create the perfect wedding atmosphere.

When it comes to other, more traditional accessories like shoes and bags, it’s best to let the bridal party decide which items will best complement their chosen gown. This can be a great way to keep even the pickiest bridesmaid happy while also freeing up time to focus on other matters such as wedding reception supplies, musicians, caterers, and anything else that needs to be done before the big day. This is especially useful if you already allow your bridal party to choose their own style of dress, as it means that everything (except the color scheme) is handled by the bridesmaids themselves.


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