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What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a destination wedding?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a destination wedding?

Are you a bride or groom debating whether or not to have a destination wedding? It’s undoubtedly a tempting notion, and it might be the ideal fit! Whether you’re thinking of having a destination wedding in Canada or on a beach in the south, let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages to assist you in making this crucial choice.

Benefits of an International Wedding

  1. Smaller Guest List: Things can be considerably easier if the guest list is smaller. A small number of guests, usually just a few friends and close family members, attend a typical destination wedding. As you won’t have to address a hundred or more guests, as you would for a traditional wedding, this makes the process of creating invites simpler. A smaller destination wedding also gives you the perfect justification to invite only close friends and family members if you have distant relatives you’d rather not invite. You can also bring little, lightweight wedding favors with a destination or beach theme if you have fewer guests in your carry-on luggage!
  2. Savings: From the bride and groom’s point of view, a destination wedding is among the least expensive choices. It doesn’t qualify as an additional price because you would probably be traveling for your honeymoon anyhow. The expense of throwing a reception also drops significantly as a result of the lower guest list.
  3. Assistance from a resort or hotel: Many well-known wedding locations have excellent infrastructure in place to assist you in organizing your special day. The ceremony and reception will be handled by them, and you can get in touch with them by phone or email. When compared to organizing a local wedding, this saves you a lot of time.
  4. Enhanced Romance: Visualize exchanging vows while the sun is setting while wearing a flowing white gown while standing barefoot on the beach. A conventional wedding simply cannot capture this very beautiful idea.

A Destination Wedding’s Drawbacks

  1. Sadly, some of the people you’ve invited to your wedding may not be able to afford the costs of traveling to a destination wedding. Frequently, these weddings are more expensive for friends and family than occasions held in their neighborhood. As a result, many guests you had hoped to invite may not be able to attend your wedding.
  2. The more traditional members of your family may be disappointed by your decision to have a destination wedding. This might not be a problem if your family is laid-back. Be ready for criticism and pushback, though, if either you or your spouse comes from a strongly conventional and outspoken family. They might have had in mind a large church ceremony and celebration attended by hundreds of their closest friends to commemorate your special day. Even though they could reject your decision at first, you must keep in mind that they will eventually accept it.
  3. Additional Paperwork: You’ll encounter additional paperwork and bureaucracy if you decide to get married abroad. It is advised to visit the website of the Canadian government for further details and helpful advice on how to handle the required papers to make sure that your marriage is recognized at home. Be prepared to dedicate time to learning the rules and guidelines so that all documentation is appropriately filled out.

Is a destination wedding in the cards for you?

While a destination wedding may not be appropriate for everyone, for many couples, it is the ideal occasion to exchange vows. Spend enough time considering your options, but after you’ve made a choice, don’t second-guess it. Instead, put all of your energy into making your big day all you’ve ever imagined it to be!


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