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5 Things to Consider When Booking a Wedding Limo Service

5 Things to Consider When Booking a Wedding Limo Service

On their wedding day, Canadian couples frequently opt for limousines, which elevate the atmosphere and give a hint of romance. Here are a few easy steps to take in order to ensure a smooth and delightful experience from the time the bride is picked up until the wedding party is securely driven back to their cars:

1. Look for limo discounts and specials

Channel your inner blushing bride when speaking with the limo company and ask if they have any special offers or promotions. You can receive free champagne or an improved package as a pleasant surprise. Keep in mind that if you don’t inquire, you won’t know what is available.

2. Consider Limousine Time in Advance

Estimate how much time you’ll need in the limousine by taking into account the distance from your house to the wedding reception or church. Remember that the majority of limo hires necessitate a minimum of 3 hours. A less expensive choice can be more cost-effective if your journey takes less than an hour.

Bookings for the best limo services in Canada must frequently be made far in advance, sometimes even six months in advance. It’s crucial to call the limo company and make a reservation in advance, just like you would with bridal shower favors and catering for your reception.

3. Review the limousine rental agreement with caution

Read the rental agreement in its entirety before signing anything. Make sure to get everything in writing, including payment terms, deposit requirements, the day, the time, the name of the driver, and the type of vehicle. You will be shielded against future unforeseen changes thanks to this.
Don’t add a sizable deposit to the bill. Instead, if the service goes above and beyond your expectations, save money by tipping. It’s a good idea to find out whether tips are expected and whether the contract has any requirements.

Visit a nearby Canadian limo company in person to finalize the reservation. Examine the available automobiles and find out more about the particular car you’ll be using before you sign the contract. If they are unable to guarantee a certain car, at least you can evaluate the fleet’s condition.

4. Give yourself enough time

Be in touch with your driver well before the big event. Give the driver all the information they need to create the optimal route, including pickup locations, destinations, and any unique concerns. One of your bridesmaids should call the driver to confirm arrival at least 20 minutes prior to the specified pickup time.
Before the big day, just as you should double-check your wedding decorations, make sure your wedding transportation is planned out and confirmed.

5. Take Precautions – Limousine Company Contacts

On the day of your wedding, get the limo company’s after-hours phone number in case of an emergency. Having this backup contact will give you peace of mind, even if we hope nothing bad happens.


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