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14 Tips for a Specially You Bridal Shower

14 Tips for a Specially You Bridal Shower

There are SO MANY ideas online for organizing a wedding shower. On Pinterest, even a quick search can turn up countless results! Though sorting through all of those choices can be overwhelming, we’ve put together a list of some of the most distinctive and exciting suggestions so you can plan a distinctive and exciting bridal shower to honor the bride’s special day with the least amount of stress possible.

1. With a special drink menu, you can give your guests a glimpse into the couple’s preferences.

Utilize a “his, hers, and theirs” display to combine their preferences. The bride and groom are free to select their respective favorite cocktails (or non-alcoholic drinks) and then select one they both enjoy as a couple. Serve these beverages in designated drink servers with the word “theirs” in the middle to denote their union.

2. Provide a candy bar with the wedding colors

Create a candy buffet featuring the wedding colors for the guests to enjoy as a sneak preview of the wedding. This functions both as entertaining party favors and as décor!

3. In the game: Right

You should read your story aloud to your audience while they are seated in a circle. You can either write the story yourself or use one that was taken from this website. In essence, your story will be made up of the words “right” and “left,” and the participants will pass wrapped prizes around the circle while listening to your instructions. When the tale is over, whoever is holding the prize has won! In order for a few people to win prizes, it is ideal to have a few small prizes that can be distributed around the circle before the start.

4. Book of recipe cards

Invitees are asked to use the recipe card that is enclosed in each invitation to record their favorite family recipe. Each visitor can add their recipe to the waiting book as they arrive, giving the couple a personalized cookbook to begin their new life together.

5. Hope jar

Visitors fill out a wish form and place it in a decorative box or jar for the couple. The couple opens the jar and reads the wishes together on their first anniversary.

6. Everyone may embellish their own wine, champagne, or water glass

Set up a table with some decorations and a few entertaining examples so that visitors can get ideas. Give them self-stick ornaments and a glue gun or quick dry glue so they can personalize their glasses before grabbing a drink.

7. Ask guests to bring a few of their favorite memories of the bride or groom to share with the happy couple

The bride and/or couple receive a fun throwback from all of their friends and family, and the guests get a behind-the-scenes look at life before the couples’ union.

8. Ice cream spread

Provide a variety of ice cream flavors and favorite toppings so that each guest can create their own dessert. To keep the theme going, try to adhere to the wedding colors! This might go nicely with a candy bar.

9. Create a customized guestbook

Give visitors a globe to write their congratulations and greetings on. Wonderful display piece while they wait for their wedding day!

10. Make terrariums at a gathering

For the guests’ use, provide bowls, succulents, and decorations. Spend some time designing and planting them. Making their own party favors is fun for the guests.

11. Make a date jar for the prospective bride and groom

Put a sign with the explanation and some big popsicle sticks in a mason jar or bowl, then let the guests have fun!

12. Go ring hunting

Grab 30–40 cheap rings at the dollar store, then hide them all over the space where the party will be held. Have a sign explaining that there will be a prize for whoever discovers the most rings as guests arrive.

13. Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter

To create a fruit bowl with a theme, cut hearts out of various fruit slices using the heart-shaped cookie cutter.

14. Use silicone trays with heart shapes

to mold ice into a heart shape. For fruit-flavored additions for a party drink with a theme, add fruit!

Sorting through ideas and suggestions is a major part of planning a wedding shower. I hope this post helped you come up with some creative shower decorating ideas! Choose your theme, then pick a few of these suggestions to help make it a memorable occasion!


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