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Bears Entertainment

Updated: October 11th, 2022 | Calgary | Wedding Entertainer |

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Bears Entertainment provides amusement for weddings and other milestone celebrations. This company’s oversized bear and panda mascots put on unforgettable performances and bring another level of excitement to special events. The characters are ideal for couples who want to add family-friendly fun to their big day.

Address: #1053 Prestwick circle SE, Calgary, AB M6J 1G1

Phone: 416-202-8777

Website: http://www.nomadshop.net/" target="_blank" data-analytics='{"lk_listing_id":"7084489","lk_non-ad-rollup":"0","lk_page_num":"1","lk_proximity":"2.4","lk_directory_heading":[{"000000":[{"00000000":"0"}]}],"lk_geo_tier":"in","lk_relevancy":"0","lk_name":"s